St.Michael's Catholic Church Catechism

Welcome to Parish Catechism classes (English)

  • Online classes for all grades will begin on 8th Oct 2021 for Friday batch and 9th Oct 2021 for Saturday batch.
  • All the children existing with us will be promoted to the next classes and the parents will recieve an email in this regard by the 15th of September 2021.
  • For the new registrations, you may kindly click the new registration tab.
  • For any further enquires, kindly contact us on
ZOOM Class Timings
Grade Friday Saturday
I 10.30 AM 09.30 AM
II 11.00 AM 09.30 AM
III 10.00 AM 09.30 AM
IV 10.00 AM 09.30 AM
V 11.00 AM 09.30 AM
VI 10.00 AM 09.30 AM
VII 12.00 PM 09.30 AM
VIII 10.00 AM 09.30 AM
LT 12.00 PM 09.30 AM

 "CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE" is for those relocating or have completed their Catechism.
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